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Our 2 well­-kept secret dishes

Our best secrets, revealed… Here’s a little secret uncovered: the real gems of the restaurant are not always found in the menu. They are kept well hidden and are usually revealed to our regulars. But hey, if you’ve read this far, be sure to let me know if you are interested to try these delightful dishes! 1. Hokkien Mee Source: ieatishootipost The first of our “off the board” gems .

An introduction to the new generation of Hainanese Curry Rice specialists

“What I learned was the quality of continual reinvention.” – ­ Merrie Spaeth Since our month long renovation in June 2014 along with the trendier sounding name change( originally Cheng Delicacies), the eatery has been nicely spruced up to accommodate a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to our existing clients. Our initial intention behind the revamp was to make the place more inviting to our loyal customers, so we .