Logo Story


Our logo is a cat, which is a visual expression of the love in our family that has existed and strengthened through our food.

Cats are also commonly associated with a wide range of symbolic representations: strength, independence and many others. These representations are attributes of Cheng’s@27 as a family business.
Cats, for the most part, are found wherever humans are in Singapore.

Our logo has been inspired by a resident cat that roamed in and out the shop for food back when it all started 28 years ago. Sometimes she would even display her catch in the shop as a trophy to show off, which is comparable to the way we hunt for the freshest ingredients for our food.
Cats also have human-like emotions and express happiness and excitability the same way we do. And the way a mother cat takes care of her kittens, is strikingly similar to the way three generations of Cheng mothers have taken care of their offsprings.

Over the 28 years, more cats have shown up at the shop and our love for them grew with time too. That’s when we decided that the logo of our shop should be a cat, because it accurately represented us as both a business and family unit. Our logo is also a lucky charm for us as a business. We believe that as more cats show up at the store, it signifies growth and loyalty of our customer base.

Cats are also big on familiarity. When it comes down to what types of food they like, cats are not fans of change. And by accurately following the recipes passed down from generations, we hope to never change and compromise on the traditional ways we make our food. In that regard, the cat symbolizes the familiarity of the food that our customers have come to love and enjoy.