Our History

Our History

Some of the world's purest and most soulful dishes come from family-run restaurants. Our history spans 3 generations from our grandparent's old shop house in Chinatown to our current location in Tiong Bahru. Cheng's @ 27 is truly a labour of love and family, and has been in Tiong Bahru since 1989.

Cheng's@27 Today

Mum has since passed the recipes taught by grandma on to me - the third generation owner of Cheng’s@27. And as the third generation owner of the eatery, I know I have high standards to live up to in making sure we produce the best handcrafted products. This motivates me to ensure all recipes are followed closely (with no short cuts while making). I am happy to report that I genuinely love making all the products from scratch!

I wasn’t always interested in learning how to make the recipes. But since giving birth to my daughter, that all changed. It made me realize the importance of feeding her with only the freshest food available.

I soon mastered the traditional recipes from mum and took over the reins - making our signature kaya, assortment of cookies, as well as the traditional kuehs and cakes from scratch. I also decided then that my priority as a mother, was to ensure my daughter has only the healthiest of home cooked food(like the generations before).

We are all motivated by different things. For me, providing my little ones with the best food is what drives and motivates me to make all products from scratch. This ensures I follow the recipes that have been passed down from the generations before.

And although a lot of hard work and sacrifice has been made to ensure all products are authentically made, the satisfaction of knowing everyone will enjoy them eventually makes it all worthwhile.

Cheng’s@27 has reaped benefits that have not only helped generations of Cheng families, but have more importantly benefited all our customers and their families when they experience our homemade delicacies.