Reasons why we love Tiong Bahru

Reasons why we love Tiong Bahru

How Tiong Bahru benefits our family eatery…

Cheng’s 27, previously called Cheng Delicacies, started out in Pekin Street in the early 1980’s. In 1989, my grandparents moved the eatery to Tiong Bahru and we haven’t looked back since.

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing estate areas in Singapore. But in recent times, it has become one of the most hipster places for young Singaporeans and expats alike. And with more condos and shophouses being built in the area, it has attracted more young people to reside or just h ang out a t Tiong Bahru.

Tiong Bahru is a great location and investment for Cheng’s 27

The once-­sleepy neighborhood became a complete lifestyle destination back in 2014. New business began trickling in, triggering a transformation from a pre­war housing estate into a cafe district that is popular amongst the young.

But what makes Tiong Bahru a popular destination in Singapore is its rich history, manageable size and walkable distance. Characteristics that are not too different from those of Cheng’s 27. Our traditional recipes have been passed down from 3 generations, we’re purely a family business and it’ll take you 8 minutes to walk from the MRT to get to us.

Also, I have found out that most people can’t simply just come to Tiong Bahru and without noticing us! We’re usually one of the few local food places that are brimming with noisy customers during almost all hours of our opening times.

We get offers of between S$6 million and S$12 million regularly to sell my home­style hainanese coffeeshop along Yong Siak Street. But I’m someone who is determined to keep the traditions alive.

So yes, an essential part to our success story has been the location as well!